Powerful Spell Caster in India,
Spiritual Root of Vedanta

I am Ravidatt Vyas. I am Vedanta .

Or in English, a Vedic Spell Caster / Vedic Ritual Magic Practitioner. I now reside in Mumbai India after living in Delhi for some 20 odd years ..

I come from an eight-hundred-year-old lineage of Vedic troubleshooter spell casters, Vedic spiritual leaders, Ayurvedic physicists and royal advisers to the court of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. In fact, my last name Vyas is a title given to my family about 300 years ago, which means "All-Knowing One".


I am a disciple of the late  Guruji Brahm Datt Vyas , also of Rajasthan, who left his human form in 2009 at the young age of 101.

I dedicate this site and all that I have achieved from heaven to him.

It was the vision and guardian of Guruji that saw the capability in me. It was him putting me on the path. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Guruji did not only pass on hidden knowledge from books, in the end, he passed on even the goods which he had in his command to me. He married me the five elements along with all the seven skies and seven levels beneath the earth.

I have unstoppable forces at my constant disposal to deliver swift, effective, permanent solutions to difficult and 'impossible' life problems.

I use the forces of nature that you see around you, like birds, animals, plants, the wind and the stars.

Nature's energy is mixed with the science of a single Veda, that is the Yajur Veda, and voila, your job is done.

At this point, I would like to mention I live the life of a normal, modern man with 15 years of experience in spell casting out of which 13 years have been on this site 

I am a strict lacto-vegetarian, and do not eat onion and garlic as part of my practice in Vaishnavism, one of the traditions of Hinduism. Apart from that, my daily rituals I observe, and according to my Guruji's teachings, I have not renounced the world. Nor do I have two. Whatever my Guruji achieved and, by the same token, whatever I have achieved myself, is by living a normal life.

As you can see from my picture at the end of this page, I do not have a beard and long hair nor look like what you might 'expect' of a mystic in deep practice. I also want to dispel any false ideas or negative stereotypes you may have formed from other pandits or scandals that surface regularly in the media about India's "God men", Catholic priests or monks around the world.

My clients can be insured I am exactly who and what I say I am. My spells start at US $ 400 onwards and go higher.

I am charged by the highest of spiritual office without the need for the outward garments, props and paraphernalia usually associated with those in similar positions. What I do for my clients happens straight from upstairs.

I come in where all others have failed - other pandits, Tantriks / Tantrik practitioners, ritual magic practitioners, priests, monks, spiritual healers, spiritualists, wiccan spell casters, witchcraft, wizards, white magic, black magic witches, sorcerers, voodoo priests, whatnot.

... Never mind the quacks, charlatans, frauds, cheats, con-artists.

I am your last resort and final stop.

I will also eliminate black magic courses by other practitioners and place protection spells on you. I often see that the people who come to me have been put under spells by other spell casters to keep them under their control.

This is elementary. : ) I have far too much power than what is required for the purpose I am here for.

I have also mentioned mantra, yantra, yagna, etc, elsewhere on my site.

Truth be told, without the directed energy of a spell caster who has been handpicked to honinborn gifts, bequeathed several more secret weapons in his arsenal that are not public knowledge and only handed down from guru to disciples, such instruments work very slowly, if at all, for a layerson who wants to “ DIY ”.

You waste only precious time especially if your circumstances are urgent. You do not want life opportunities and people to slip away from you forever.

I won't use too many technical terms here that will only confuse you.

I am an expert spell caster with my own streamlined and fine-tuned methods in combinations of two or more of the following: Vedic ritual, mantra, Tantra, yantra, Healing without any medicine (Tretha), as well as my own spiritual forces and goods I summon at will.

I can claim that many of my methods are not practiced by other Hindu pandits or other spiritual leaders/ritual practitioners/spell casters, many of whom are not even fully versed in the Vedas, if at all, or have been taught from sometimes incomplete or inaccurate versions of the Vedas, or who do not know the vital subtleties of their use as instructed by my Guruji and through my own experiments.

I also have access to mostly lost or rare occult magical arts from Hinduism, ancient Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Islam, collected in my Guruji's years of wandering across India as well as by direct Divine providence.

Out of curiosity and playfulness, I have pitted myself against other powerful spiritual leaders of different religions just to check myself and keep my powers busy. I can safely say that no one I have met so far can touch me. If there are any in the real world who can match my skills and powers, they must be meditating in caves in the Himalayas or leading quiet lives under the radar in unknown villages like my Guruji in Rajasthan.

I also have a hand in world affairs. Just read the world news section in your daily newspaper: Heads of state change their statements within a day or two, to my liking. Stock and commodity markets fall or rise to my liking.

The advantages I have over run-of-the-mill practitioners will mean the difference between stunning success or total failure of your spells.

I have of course a high rate of success and over-deliver on my clients' wishes.

Talk to me.

Tell me your problems in strict confidentiality.

ONLY if you have no time to waste, are serious about real solutions, getting solid results AND put your complete faith in me with a clear heart.

Have all your details ready, including those of other people involved. Birthdates and photos may be required, not always. Have them ready anyway.

All spells described in my website should only be read as a rough guide and hint of what's on offer. And the offerings are limitless. Each spell or combination of spells is customised to each individual client. Because each of you and your circumstances are individual and different.

I will get to work on your case immediately. I invite you to check in with me every 7-10 days for quick updates until I get the job done.

CONTACT ME, Ravidatt Vyas - Vedic Spell Caster

My spell casting services are offered at discretionary rates starting from US$400, depending on the complexity of your problem, for your appreciation of God's work.

I would like to end on a polite warning: "He who pays the piper does NOT call the tune". I bow to no one.

I remind you I am not in the service industry and do not tolerate signs of disrespect.

Other spell casters may flatter, coddle and tell you what you want to hear. The fundamentals of my knowledge have been gained through hard groundwork in practices and traditions that date back to antiquity. It cannot be flogged. But is freely shared with spell casters of the same league who fulfill my criteria.

Do not push your luck or play with my patience.

You would be wise to know your place. :)

Ravidatt Vyas

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