Possible Symptoms / Effects
of Black Magic and Entity Activity

This is a rough, deepening progression of the possible effects of black magic. Do you recognize any of these?

- Disturbed / interrupted sleep
- Waking up suddenly in fear or in cold sweat
- Chronic fatigue / malaise
- Sudden onset of apathy / disinterest in life
- Hopelessness / severe depression
- Mood swings / irrational anger / irritation / fear / hysteria / other abnormal behaviour
- Dryness of mouth at night / increased thirst / extreme hunger as if you're eating for two or more (entity possession)
- Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
- Sudden chills / goose bumps
- Tightness around body parts
- Sudden memory loss / hazy thinking
- Schizophrenia / Tourette's Syndrome / Multiple Personality Disorder/ Disassociative Identity Disorder
- Your work or career suffers, income is blocked, making you unable to pay for help from spiritual healers
- You sense people avoiding you, isolation, constant conflicts/ fights / quarrels arising for no reason, your good intentions are constantly misunderstood
- Dreams of dead bodies, gruesome people, demons, other creatures wanting to kill you
- Dreams of snakes, scorpions, spiders, unclean places like toilets and cremation grounds
- You see black spots or dark or grey smoke / shapes floating in front of you
- Unexplained activity of animals or insects, paranormal activity, other weird phenomenon or visions around you and/or only visible to you. Eg. Seeing crows with flesh in their beaks is one strong sign that serious black magic is being done to kill you
- Sensing / seeing / hearing non-physical presences around the house
- Your stomach bloats up like a pregnant woman or other unexplained swelling, lumps elsewhere
- Tightness, heaviness, constriction specially in shoulders, chest, throat/ erratic heartbeat without physical exertion
- Constant headaches / migraines
- Your complexion darkens / blackens to a strange tone, looking like blood poisoning
- Itching, burning, stinging insect-like crawling sensations in different parts of the body
- Cancer of blood or other
- Kidney failure
- Alcohol abuse resulting in liver failure / other substance abuse
- Medicines do not work, resulting in doctors using stronger treatments
- Suicidal thoughts / thoughts of self destruction
- Heart attacks / sudden death

- Or maybe you do not have any of these

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Additional effects of black magic on women:
- Hyperpigmentation
- Unexplained bruises around thighs, genitals, arms, other parts of the body
- You dream of having sex with someone or something / rape by spirits resulting in real orgasm
- Rashes / irritation in the genitals
- Stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, dark blood
- Inability to conceive due to psychic blocks
- Miscarriage
- Unexplained fits / convulsions

Effects of Black Magic adapted from Vedic Wisdom .

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