Spells to Remove Curses,
Evil Eye, Dark Entities, Negative Energy ...


Remove Black Magic - Removes curses, remove black magic, black magic hexes, witchcraft spells, hexes, sorcery, shaman magic, voodoo, hoodoo, Tantrik magic, Jaadu Tona , Totake , Taweez , etc, and sets up a shield from future afflictions.

Remove Curse and Reverse Curse Spell - Removes curses, removes black magic curses and hexes, witchcraft spells, sorcery, shaman magic, voodoo, hoodoo, Tantrik magic, Jaadu Tona, Totake, Taweez, etc, sets up a shield from future afflictions... AND boomerangs it back multifold on persons responsible for the spell.

Protection from Drishti / Remove Evil Eye Spell – Removes curse of negative energy created by jealousy, frustration, envy, greed, selfishness, vendetta of others.

Remove Evil / Malicious Creatures / Unsettled Spirits / Ghosts / Dark Entities / Lower Elementals Spell - Also sets up shield from future attachments/afflictions.

Protection from Negative Energies Spell

Correction / Strengthening / Protection of Brahmasthan of a Plot / Land / Building / Every Room - Protects the Brahmasthan ('energy nucleus' of a space or dwelling), helps the Brahmasthan generate high positive energy; circulates the generated positive energy throughout the building, removes blocks/obstacles that come in the way of circulation; shields the Brahmasthan from any negative energy arising out of defective placement of Brahmasthan (like pillar, beam, wall, toilet, staircase, other obstructions - according to Vastu Shastra / Vastu Veda) and carries out energy rectification, destroys negative energy gravitating towards the Brahmasthan

Protection from Horoscope Dosha and Sabha (Curses) Spell

Get Rid of Karmic Blocks / Obstacles / Obstructions Spell

To remove curses that may result in chronic illness and karmic disease, CLICK HERE.

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