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Jaadu Tona / Jadu Tona
Jaadu Tona or Jadu Tona refers to black magic in the Hindi language (spoken in northern India or about 41% of India as a whole).

Black magic is used by jealous, malicious persons who take pleasure in the misfortune of others, easily cast by anyone knowing a little Tantrik magic, Siddhi or other low level magic. The effects of Jaadu Tona / Jadu Tona or other black magic can be deep, farreaching, chronic, causing unnatural states, poor health, mental instability, negative thoughts, uncharacteristic or abnormal behaviour, heaviness or erratic heartbeat, constriction of throat, depression, bad decision making, inexplicable bruises, sores, etc. Like a disease it can spread, affecting a person's mind, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career, all aspects of their life. Unsure if you're a victim of a black magic attack? For more symptoms and effects of black magic, CLICK HERE.

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A Tantrik is a practitioner of the Tantra systems of beliefs. Tantra or Tantrika is a body of diverse traditions of the Indian subcontinent though some have deviated from its Vedic branches, become mixed with impure practices and abused. Tantrik spells involve rituals that may include sacrifice.

Kala Jadu / Kala Jadoo
Black magic in the Urdu language of Pakistan and parts of India.

Persian word for magic. Colloquially, Sihir is more understood as black magic.

Djinn / Jinn
The word "genie" comes from the Arabic word Djinn or Jinn. It refers to any spirit lesser than an angel. Djinn have free will, often harass and even possess humans, for various reasons, such as romantic infatuation, revenge, or because of a deal made with a practitioner of black magic.

Taweez / Tawiz
A Taweez is a talisman or charm. There are many kinds of Taweez – one kind consists of writing verses from the Qur'an on a piece of paper or other material. There are arguments against Taweez as being non-Islamic / black magic.

Voodoo / Vodun / Vudun
Polytheistic religion practiced in West Africa. Originally, Voodoo was not developed to be used for evil. However, in the dark side of Voodoo, sorcerers and sorceresses called Botono (also known as Aze / Azetos) can cast hexes. To be distinguished from other forms of African-American Voodoo, eg. Haitian Voodoo and Louisianan Voodoo.

Witch / Whichcraft
Witch Spells are part of Witchcraft and are what witches use to consciously create wonderful things in their lives, However they are black medium of worship, you may find various people claming either they are witches or they practice witchcraft but in my experience most of these art are lost by time "In short there are no real witch wizard or voodo master left".

Transcultural magic incorporating African American folk magic and some Native American as well as European practices.

“Normalised” name for modern witchcraft / neo-paganism.

Vedic Remedies
Vedic remedies are a unique feature of Jyotish / Vedic astrology. They are used to solve a person's problems by modifying their karma through Vedic ways.

However, strictly speaking, while my remedies or spells preclude familiar Vedic elements like Mantra, Puja, Sheva (selfless service to others), etc, they are beyond traditional Vedic remedies.

Remove black magic permanently with my remedies / spells. They work across, without geographical or cultural borders, on all forms of black or white magic.

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