Health and Beauty Spells
for Chronic Illness and Karmic Disease

Protection / Healing from Corona- COVID-19 Spritually

Protect yourself or your loved ones today through theta healing

Good General Health Spell - For good general health

Good General Health Spell - For the health, happiness and long life of the entire family (names, birthdates of family members required).

Good General Health Spell II - For good general health, improving chronic illness, lessens fear of death.

Good General Health III - For good general health, controls disease, chronic illness, aids recuperation and recovery from long illness, surgery, provides guidance for better diagnosis, medical, alternative / traditional treatment. Also for healing karmic diseases like cancer, HIV, rheumatism, mental disturbance, etc.

Control Karmic Diseases Spell - More powerful than above, specifically for karmic diseases.

Stop Phobias Spell - Fear of suffocation, crushing, drowning, heights, allergies, etc, are forms of karma.

Peaceful Sleep / Stop Night Terrors Spell

Break Bad Habits and Addictions Health Spell - Like nervous ticks, drug / alcohol / cigarettes / other substance abuse, food addictions, etc.

Weight Loss Health and Beauty Spell - For melting the pounds away, healthier eating habits, stops cravings for bad foods.

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Fertility and Conception Spell

This is for people who are having fertility issues and problems in conceiving vedic remedies are available 

Other Beauty and Health Spells

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